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    1. 论甜味剂的发展与销售模式

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      第1章 中国的甜味剂概况

      • 中国的甜味剂的分类主要的分类

      • 中国的制糖业(2007~2011年)

      • 中国的糖醇产业(2007~2011年)

      • 中国的甜味剂的摄取习俗

      • 政府的政策与甜味剂市场的影响

      第2章 中国的高甜度甜味剂产业的概略

      • 中国高甜度甜味剂产业的发展历史

      • 各种高甜度甜味剂比较

      第3章 中国高甜度甜味剂的生产与市场(2007~2011年)

      • 生产量

      • 价格

      • 出口量

      • 消费量

      第4章 中国各种的高甜度甜味剂的概略

      • 糖精

      • 甜精

      • AK糖(乙醯磺胺酸钾)

      • 阿斯巴甜

      • 三氯蔗糖

      • 甜菊代糖

      • 甘草酸

      • 其他

      第5章 中国国内的主要的最终消费者(2007~2011年)

      • 食品产业

      • 饮料产业

      • 牙膏粉

      • 医药品

      • 其他

      第6章 中国国内的高甜度甜味剂相关主要的事项(2010~2011年)

      第7章 中国的高甜度甜味剂产业的未来展望

      • 产业发展主要的促进·阻碍因素

      • 供给的未来预测(2012~2016年)

      • 需求的未来预测:各部门(2012~2016年)

      第8章 结论

      第9章 简介

      • Pingdingshan Coal Group Kaifeng Xinghua Fine Chemical Factory

      • Tianjin North Food Co., Ltd.

      • Xuchang Ruida Biology Technology Co., Ltd.

      • Golden Time Chemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

      • Suzhou Hope Technology Co., Ltd.

      • Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.

      • Jiangsu SinoSweet Co., Ltd.

      • Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co., Ltd.

      • JK Sucralose Inc.

      • Techno (Fujian) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

      • Shandong Huaxian Stevia Co., Ltd.

      • PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.

      • anzhou Julong High-tech Industrial Co., Ltd.

      • Gansu Fanzhi Biothenology Co., Ltd.

      • Qingdao Honor Biotech Development Co., Ltd.


      中国的高甜度甜味剂产业的未来是由出版商Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.在2012年05月所出版的。这份市场调查报告书包含194 Pages 价格从美金8640起跳。




      China is an important production area of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) in the world, exporting over 60.0% of its output in 2011. After experiencing the depression brought by the impact of 2008 global financial crisis, HIS production in China has gradually recovered since H2 2009. Compared with 2010, some kinds of HIS such as sucralose saw a great rise in output, while some varieties witness reversed changes, like stevia sweetener. Whats the latest production dynamics in the whole industry and details of specific varieties? How about the major reason behind the situation? Since HIS made in China are export-oriented, Chinas international trade of the products is also a focus in this report.

      What you can learn from this report is not limited to the contents above - consumption details of HIS are also available. The products are mainly used to produce food and beverages, and applied to the production of pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and so on. This report shows you the detailed consumption patterns of HIS in 2011 and their consumption in specific segments of food and beverages.

      Besides, through this report you can also find out what other changes have taken place in Chinas HIS industry from 2011 to 2012. Want to know the future development trend of the industry in China? Read this report!

      This report combines CCMs expertise in HIS market research. Highlights of this report are as follows:

      • Production, demand and international trade of HIS in China;

      • Production, planting situation, demand and international trade of sucrose in China;

      • Production, demand and international trade of major kinds of sugar alcohols in China.

      What can you benefit from the report?

      • Vital business intelligence of Chinas HIS industry before entering the competition market and grasp commercial opportunities; keep informed of your competitors and their activities in China;

      • Deep understanding of key factors influencing the development of HIS industry and find out its development tendency.



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